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Week of September 1st. 2010

Book Reviews and Testimonials

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Testimonials and Endorsements:

"Sheila's book, Call the Suit, is the best swim manual…PERIOD! - She is coming to Nashville to introduce many of the techniques and drills in her definitive book"...

- Ashley Whitney, Head Swim Coach & Olympic Gold Medalist, Centennial Sportsplex, Nashville

"I love your new swimming book! My stroke/pull have improved tremendously in less than a month! Many thanks Sheila!".. 

- Denise Hildebrandt

"I have been in triathlons for many years, I kinda re-taught myself how to swim the correct way and I did read through the TI book and video and started to employ the techniques. But I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong because I made progress but it did not match my fitness level. Four IM finishes later, no mater what I did, I would come out of the water at 1 hr 15 min give or take 5 minutes. There was something wrong? So I studied and studies ironman swims on tv and youtube watched faster swimmers at the pool who looked like not in as good shape as me. The lead group or faster pool swimmer always had a form and stroke that was not anything like you saw in TI and the catch was immediate without that crazy rotation and stretch. AH HA. Being a scientist and coach, I need to see numbers.Then Sheila's book came out and everything just clicked." 

- Tim -NYC

"Even though Sheila T. Is 5' 2" she swims like she is 6' 2".  We still use her as a model for our current swimmers today on how to swim the strokes."

- Jack Bauerle, -(Head Olympic Swim Coach, Beijing)

"Call the Suit clearly defines the rationale and science behind generating power during the freestyle stroke. Sheila's extensive background and insight on proper technique provides a step by step analysis of the intricacies of freestyle.  Finally, here's a book that provides an invaluable resource for aspiring swimmers and coaches to expand their swimming plaform."

- Dave Scott, 6X IronMan World Champion

"I started swimming when I was 5 years old on a swim team, during my junior high and high school years I attended a few swim camps and as an adult I swam in a Master’s club. During this swimming career, I was always the hardest worker and the most dedicated, I always wondered why I wasn’t the fastest or the best or even close. My swimming times never really improved significantly even though I seemed to be working harder. Three years ago I started doing triathlons and swimming competitively again. Recently, my triathlon coach, Daniel Smith,recommended Sheila’s book (after he trained with Sheila and learned these techniques and theory) and I jumped to buy it as soon as it became available; I was hoping to find something to help explain my frustrations. I found it! I read the book in one sitting and loved it! I re-read and re-read, soaking up everything that I could. I applied Sheila’s techniques and immediately noticed a difference in how I feel the water and how with time and practice this technique would work! Sheila’s book is easy to read- it’s easy to understand, it makes sense and it’s fun! I love the dry- land workout for days that I cannot get in a pool. Sheila’s book is a must read for any swimmer who wants to improve their time! "

-Megan E. Flanigan, Grafton, Ohio 44044