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Week of September 1st. 2010

Monday, September 5, 2011

Keeping it Real.

Good afternoon everyone, 

 Sorry the blogging has taken so long to get posted. Now that I'm settled in with the book having been released for a few weeks, I can focus on sharing the tips and information that will help you. I am thoroughly enjoying this transition in my life from training and racing to giving back.

 The sole purpose of this blog is to keep you updated on clinic schedules, inspire you to keep strong on the road to your dreams, and pass along the performance tools I believe will help you tremendously. Each blog post will be short, because when I asked my twin brother, Steven, about whether I should write a lot or a little, he said, "A little." Then he quoted Mark Twain... "Sorry for the long letter. If I had had more time, I would have written you a short one."

 So, I'll be keeping them short and keeping it real.

 My book Call the Suit is available through my website http://www.sheilat.com/ right now.

 Go strong,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Journey...

Here we will keep you updated
and talk about the journey...
We are all on.


Call the Suit in ...Mexico !

for the Month of November to do triathlon training camps!

(*to see more photos from our swim and tri clinic road trip..
go to clinic road  tour photo journal page, to the right!)

Feeling for the water...elusive ..or not ?

"Call the Suit" clinics teach how to find it and make it work for you!

Pro triathlete, and USA Olympian  Victor Plata,
takes on the "Call the Suit" swim clinic in San Fran.
and practices sculling to FEEL the hold on the water.


Swimming like a snake???

(sent in)..
Dear Sheila,

   I was reading the part of your book last night that talks about the different theories in swimming propulsion over the years and somehow got to thinking about how snakes swim. After very minimal research online, I found the following links that seem to describe the same basic push against the water that you are teaching (or pull depending on your perspective).

I just thought you might find it interesting since a majority of snakes are not specifically designed for water travel (like us) yet are able to move relatively quickly and gracefully through it nonetheless (like you now and me in the future).


This is awesome. Thank you so much for sending. I love that you even thought about that.